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A Short Summer In Lhasa - in post

Duration: 100 minutes

17th First Film Festival Bridging the Dragon Sino-Europe International Vision Award

Production Company: Tibet Antelope Pictures 

Writer/Director: Gang Zhen

Producers: Luobu Ciren; Liang Ying

Starring: Ciren Yangjin/Ci Ji Meiduo/Solang Wangmu


Synopsis: After years of drifting in Beijing, Sangji returns to Lhasa to shoot a film about her childhood. Back home, she faces not only creative confusion but also an unresolved estrangement with her father. To complete her film, she continually searches for memories related to her hometown. At an accidental party, Sangji meets Lamu, the character from the story she is filming. Having not seen each other for ten years, they feel very distant. As the night slowly passes, Sangji finally gathers the courage to reveal a childhood secret, while Lamu shares another version of the story.

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