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Siwei Li was born and raised in Chengdu, China. He is an award-winning cinematographer based in Los Angeles. He is a BAFTA Connect member and an ASC Vision Program Mentee. 


Siwei graduated from the prestigious cinematography program at American Film Institute Conservatory (AFI) under the mentorship of Stephen Lighthill, ASC, and Bill Dill, ASC. 


His narrative works have been screened at festivals worldwide. His first feature film, "Fish Bone“ is an official selection at the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival for the Asian New Talent award, and is nominated for Best Cinematography. He also worked as a cinematographer on the film "Upstream", directed by Chinese actor/director Xu Zheng, achieved a huge box office success in 2024.


Siwei’s interest in cinematic arts was ignited during his childhood, during which he spent constantly watching movies. To Siwei Li, cinema is the art of discovering and sharing the truth of human emotions.




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