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Fish Bone

Duration: 100 minutes


Shanghai International Film Festival Asian New Talent Award 2024


Nominations: Best Film; Best Director; Best Screenplay; Best Lead Actress; Best Cinematography.

Production Company: Bailu Film Business (Wenzhou) Co., Ltd. Writer/Director: Zhang Xuyu Producer: Fan Zhijie Starring: Huang Jingyi/Chai Ye/Chen Jianing/Huang Xunwen/Wang Yinan/Chen Chuang/Wang Hongwei


Synopsis: The film tells the story of a young girl, Li Qi, who reconciles with her mother during the summer vacation after her college entrance examination. A secret dilemma of the young girl, like a fishbone stuck in her throat, becomes an unease that she finds hard to express. Accompanied by the bitterness and growing pains of maturation, she begins to rethink her relationship with her mother, as well as with the world.

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